About Vegan Soul Belly

We here at VEGAN SOUL BELLY©™-by AviatorApps ©™created this APP to help you transition to vegan with amazing soul food recipes. We also wanted to help you KICK Cancer and disease to the curb. The purpose of VEGAN SOUL BELLY is to revolutionize your body by implementing different eating habits, and keeping your strength up mentally with daily inspirational quotes, holistic healing articles, stories of full recovery, daily comedy, and a jamming KICK Cancer musical playlist.  Some people can go cold turkey (no pun intended lol) and some need to wean themselves off of meat.  We have a super cool meal plan that can help both types of people.

Transitioning to Vegan has everything to do with your state of mind.

 What do we mean? Well your brain decides how you think? How you think decides what you do, how you act, how you behave, etc.  Your mindset also determines if you feel depressed, if you have a HABIT of choosing to eat food that is killing you, if you are always stressed (which leads to smoking, overeating, drinking), etc.  The wrong food created the cancer and the right food can eliminate it. Dairy and meats have been known to create cancer.  By removing meat, white sugar, wheat, gluten, and dairy, we help you literally starve  disease. We created a comedy playlist and a musical playlist that keep you in a positive state of mind which gives your body a 100% greater chance of KICKING CANCER or any body dis-ease.